Friday, November 02, 2007


since i last posted things been going well on the poker front.

in about 8 days i made £500 on betfair cash games (plus £50 rakeback), then played a $50 $3k guaranteed 65 runner tourney, paying $1k for first and i won that. this was after coming 4th in my local live donkfest. they're doing a monday night league with winner getting a trip (for 1?!) to vegas and entry into a tournament there. came 4th, and now on 16points after 4 weeks, leader on 27. though i missed one week. am gonna really try to win this. not quite sure why it's only a trip for one.

withdrew $1500 from stars (so my account there is level) and i have pokertracker, 3 books, and iPod and a $1200 roll to show for it. no real point in playing there without rakeback though.
withdrew the £500 win from betfair, and now have£800 after another £100 win on the cash games tonight. going to try to qualify for the aussie millions. will play the $50 satellites to try to get into the main $550 dollar qualifier.

also i noticed that on betfair leaderboard i made almost 100,000 points in about a week's play. winner had just under 300,000. so in a month, surely i can win it?

anyway, will play at betfair for one more month, then probably move to william hill since i'll get $250-$350 (up to $550) bonus just for playing there plus rakeback.

not sure what to do with the money i have in stars. i don't really like the massive field mtt's, and there's no point it not making interest for me, so either will take a shot, buying in for $200 at maybe $5/10 table, or just withdrawing the lot.

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