Thursday, November 29, 2007


3 funnies from the bbc
"It would be surprising if he didn't know something of what was going on, but I've got absolutely no evidence that he had. On that basis it would be wrong of me to suggest that he had."
well, you can't say it would be wrong of you to suggest something and then go ahead and suggest it!

and the best for last
"Two thirds of people also sit down at home when they get home from work."
which leaves 1 in 3 people to stand up/crouch/kneel/lie down when they get home, but not sit!

not played a great deal recently.
a few stars tournies and one 6th place for $1.5k in a $50 buy in, and one other cash when finishing 250/18000. lost countless 60/40s, 50/50s and 40/60s whilst winning 1.
lost in 2 other tournies the same night just before the money in pots for 3x avg stack

i quite enjoy the mtts again, and the infrequent playing keeps the interest levels up. been going out too often recently to get some time in to play them. they finish so late even if they start at 8 so need the whole night, and preferably the next day too, free.

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