Monday, November 19, 2007


tilted like a moron yesterday and blew £300. hadn't run that bad for ages. played some $1/2 for some reason and lost about $350 there

didn't want to play for a while but had 2 freerolls today. lost in an interpoker one with 2 pair vs set when i was playing very laggy early to build a stack and dont really care.
betfair had a $5k freeroll worth winning. first hand i play is against a shortstack (165) at 10/20 with AQ aipf, and hit a queen on the turn. 2 hands later i get AA in the cutoff. folded round to me and i raise to 100 to look like a steal since the big blind is sitting out (although it's only 20 some tard might think im doing it with nothing). i get reraised all in by the blind. instacall and i see his kings the same time as i see the flop come Kq8. oh well.

played some $0.5/1 and made $200 with people unable to fold QQ to a preflop reraiser on a king high board. both times i had ak. also won a pot with kk. again i reraised pf from the button and only the intial raiser called. flop is 2 diamonds and q high. he check raises me all in and since i ly had 20 behind and there was 100 in the pot i couldnt fold and he had aq. amazingly my hand held up and they were the only 3 big pots. lost a bit blind vs blind on a 9j9 flop. me 93, him 98. no high card 9 j or 3 to save me. possibly could have folded the river though.

few things i've been meaning to write about and will when i get a chance (obviously it's for me since no one else reads these words of wisdom)

value bets
emotions at the tables (very bad thing)
[insert here the other things i forgot]

total for month = -£300 including about £100 on satellites as i attempt to win a trip to australia. maybe i should have just stumped up $550 and bought straight into the final?

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