Friday, November 09, 2007

great parenting

anyways, got my ipd touch from stars today. and what a touch it is! just need to get a decent case for it now.

as for my balance on betfair, it has been yoyoing like a julian thew. 700 at start of month up to 880 then down to 620 after a horror day two days ago. back up to 830 yesterday. now at 770. though i did spend 60 on tournies. got nowhere in the $20k, and played two sats. aussie millions round 2 for $55 where 1st gets seat, second gets $132. i came 3rd of 12. lost two 50/50s to go from chip lead to third when 4 left. then lost to 80/20s to go out finally with kk vs 55.

played cash at same time and started off on a horror show getting no hands against uber donks who left after hitting. then i start to get hands. paid off 3 times by three different players in about 5 mins and was not in the right frame of mind so have logged off for the day.

amazingly won a couple fo quid at cash. so 70 up overall for the month. the other tourney i played was a set to a passport final which i won (only 5 players and 1 seat gtd so that was a nice $50 overlay). got that on sunday. not expecting much but will be a decent experience since i really want win a seat to the aussie mills but may have left it to too late.

still dunno where to play the poekrs after this month. betfair traffic is quite slow. and thats at $0.50/$1. it's only gonna get worse if i move up to $1/2 and $2/5.

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