Friday, September 21, 2012

i found a new thing that scares me

wall climbing. i think other people call it rock climbing but it's in doors and on a wall. many things scare me about this experience. it's far away. i'm surrounded by people. some of them watch me fail in my attempts to climb walls.

it's a place where the walls aren't high so you don't need ropes. and thus the thing that scares me most is falling off. i imagine falling badly. hitting the wall many times on my way down and landing on my face. it hasn't happened yet, but there's always a point near the top of the wall where i know i wouldn't land safely if i fell and i have to do a reach of faith for the next little grip for my fingers to hold on to.
my wall balance is also quite poor so i don't have much confidence yet, even though i am yet to fall.

todays friday blog round up will remind you to read my blog. and remind me to write my blog. sometimes i read old stuff i write and i do a laugh. that makes me happy.

i would also like to describe a superpower i have, one which many of the population share. it's the ability to predict rain accurately within the next 5 minutes. i can just feel a drop in pressure. an old colleague had it following an injury (real superhero backstory for him) where the pressure drop lead to pain in his previously injured joints, at which point he knew that meant rain. happily i can do this without the pain.
so just now i brought the washing in as i felt an imminent onset of rain. i am happy to report it's now raining.


Yakshi said...

Yeah, I like going through your old "favorite posts" every once in a blue moon. Funny stuff.

grrouchie serge said...

I no longer have your super power, but when I lived in a high humidity place I would get a very annoying pain in my right hip when it was going to rain, during the rain, for hours after the rain....
Every time.
Now that I live in the desert, my prognostication abilities have died out

Mudwig said...

sergei, sounds less painful now. i hope you have since found a new and more useful superpower!

schlomo, glad you do that too!

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