Friday, September 28, 2012

friday round up including cool science

todays friday round up is a role reversal where you tell me a blog that is a) regularly updated and b) good to read.

in other news, some cool science facts:

1) everyone sees their own rainbows.
the angle that the light makes through the rain drops to your eyes is unique for each person. the only time you'll share a rainbow is when seeing a picture.

2) coastlines
coastlines are of indeterminate length. well, you can determine them, but the length depends on the tool used to measure them. the bigger the 'ruler' the shorter the coastline.
eg imagine using a one kilometre ruler. you wouldn't be able to get into many ins and outs.
now using a one metre ruler there's loads more ins and outs you can use.
and so on.
coastlines can be compared if you use the same ruler size for different countries although that won't be a perfect comparison as each coastline will have different amounts of ins and outs (that's definitely the technical term, yeah).

and with those two thoughts, i run off into the sunset to find a new job now that my boss has quit. and isn't the perfect human being i thought he was. until we meet again.


Yakshi said...

All of my suggestions are on the "Blogs I Read" section of my blog, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has made any discoveries.

Sorry to hear about the job.

Mudwig said...

i've read a couple, i really should check the rest of them out instead of being lazy.

as for the job, it's a good thing!
now with 'experience' i can do the same job somewhere else for at least 150% of the salary, if not double!

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