Friday, September 07, 2012

i can't believe it's been a week since i posted.

on occasional Fridays over the past few weeks i've been telling long forgotten bloggers to pull their fingers out. firstly, rubbish has started posting again. rubbish by name, not rubbish by postings.

amazingly, the austrian vunderkid jethro also did a posting!

and finally just this week alex (that hot swiss one) decided to do some posting again.

while i may have been slow to get them posting, and perhaps i can't take all teh credit for it, i seem to have done quite well.

i have lots of draft posts that i haven't got round to posting. i really should start doing that more regularly.

today i found out one of my coworkers is on 3* the salary of me! i think 2 of me could do what he does. especially if one of me was highly motivated. maybe i should ask for a pay rise.


mir ramiz said...

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Mudwig said...

thank you but my blog is generally not a good place to find baby names unless bengali babies are called words such as asymptote, the, poker, deciduous.

i don't need any bengali baby names since i would first have to steal a bengali baby and i don't like babies. or stealing.

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