Tuesday, September 07, 2010


i started playing some bridge recently. it's an interesting game, but i think it lacks something to it. too much of it seems set in stone. there is always a correct bid, which is just saying what you have in a round about way. and there's always a correct way to play. having gained a basic understanding though, i do find some of the evening standard's bridge hands interesting in a way i guess a beginner would as it shows the more creative things you have to do in order to win where it would be very tough to see it for the first time. kind of how mating someone with just a knight in chess after trapping their king with their own rook is beautiful in chess and would be pretty tough to come up with without seeing it somewhere else first (for me anyway)

so it turns out in bridge you are vulnerable when you're closer to winning. but i was most vulnerable the other day when i was sitting on the toilet and a wasp flew into the bathroom. unable to move, obviously, and a wasp flying closer and closer to me i felt briefly like a stripper with shame would feel. if any existed.

i have also had serious difficulty of late with my new desk. it has one of those slide out sections for the keyboard but the entire desk is so high that even in my high up chair on it's highest settings when i type my wrists are angled so far upwards it hurts to type or use the mouse. i can't see why anyone would build a desk at this stupid height and if it wasn't so difficult to repack it i would send it back. but i can't. so i need to find a solution before my wrists fall off.

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Yakshi said...

I have the same problem. The solution that I used was to put my keyboard in my lap. Your wrists will almost always be in a comfortable position that way.

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