Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how do they get ships into bottles?

computer games seem to be going the way of interactivity. not just voice recognition, but full body motion sensors, so for tekken you'll be able to act out all your moves (quite how they expect us to do head high reverse roundhouse kicks i am unsure). football games you'll be able to run around kicking imaginary footballs.
call me old fashioned, but if i want that i'll go outside. the whole point of a ps3 is so that can sit down and mash buttons without doing anything energetic.

reason #153 my flatemate is  a turdburglar
following house party i start clearing things up so i don't have to awake to a place that looks like birmingham. he just sits there and watches the sky tv he didn't even want. after 2 bin bags full i quit seeing as i refuse to do any more alone. i make joke how perhaps he's just waiting for a cleaner?
next day i go to school. i come back, flat is clean. oh, he got cleaner to do it. great idea. but why didn't he tell me before i started cleaning it all up?

cleared the 4k supernova bonus. got doomswitched and lost 4k in next session. having made supernova with little chance of 200k vpps, and no more bonuses it seems almost pointless to continue playing there. will look for new sites to play on. tried betfair. software so so bad it was as if they hired a genius to make it that bad.
not sure where to try next...
though somewhere with main traffic during european hours may be a priority

having just got used to my new desk also thinking of getting a whiteboard for my room. just to make it a bit more classy.

one final thank you to the person who found my blog searching for "what number haircut does vinny chase get"
i am considering choosing only blog post titles which could be the answers to questions people ask google.


John said...

Hey, I was just on google trying to find out how I can get the channel ferry into a glass bottle and I stumbled across your blog - great read!

Mudwig said...

it works!
i could answer you question but it would spoil all the fun. though i will give a hint for how to get the answer: think of a number with one hundred zeros

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