Tuesday, September 28, 2010

are penguins just pretending they can't fly so we don't get jealous?

i'm pretty much done for the month now, have just cleared the final stars bonus and may now need to concentrate on other things during this year so my play may drop off quite a bit.
last few days of this month i ran super hot as can be seen by graph below (didn't check results from when i saw i'd lost loads and been level for the month, until just now!)
mornings have been good poker wise but terribly scary in life =. last week i awoke to see a spider dangling from the ceiling mere inches from my face. upside no less. i think it was showing off.
this morning i was woken at six by a buzzing sound. i bolted upright and turned to my pillow to see a wasp casually strolling along it and away from me. by the time i got to the light switch and found my wasp catching device (ikea tupperware) it had disappeared. thus, i could not get back to sleep. in fact, i was worried i would never be able to sleep in my room again but i left the light on (obviously) and the wasp was attracted to it. i don't know why they are attracted to lights, someone should tell them they aren't moths.

also noticed the wcoop main event just finished. someone just won over two million dollars! much as i hate tournaments, that makes me want to play more


Anonymous said...

I railed the WSOPE ME final table yesterday and seeing people walk away with half a million quid made me want to enter every satellite available next year

Mudwig said...

Next year, you and me, let's do it

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