Sunday, May 30, 2010

i found the luckiest man

sadly, all his luck was directed at me

all heads up pots
kt vs aj        kqt flop
t5 vs q3dd   tt9dd flop turn flush
k8 vs 99      k98ss 5 8s

and a 3 way tilted aq vs ak (and ak)

so thats todays graph. obv the coolers above aren't included in the ev line.

as if i wasn't already tilted enough from yesterday when i had people in front of me on the escalator (a family with little kids) and when they got to the top they just stopped inches from the end. just to look around. with people right behind me i almost knocked over one of their kids. a part of me can understand these energy wasting humans not caring about other people but surely they should protect their kids from being walked into?
then on my journey home i had my least favourite driver type.  the one that cuts you up - clearly in a rush to get somewhere? no, just wanted to get in front of me and drive slowly. 
again, i can understand if you wanna drive slow, and can somewhat understand if you need to cut me up dangerously if you're in a rush (not that i agree with it!) but to dangerously get in front of me only to then drive slowly? it's almost like i'm in the truman show and they're testing me. (which would mean you're in on it too. you bastards)

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