Monday, May 03, 2010

300 posts

a landmark, allegedly. mostly of my survival.

i like photos and am gonna try to put one in every post from now on. today's is a tongue twister which i recently took whilst on a ferry. i was on a train but then the train drove onto the ferry:

whilst traversing europe i rediscovered the 500 Euro note. this is worth a lot of money. all in one monopoly-esque note. i would hate to lose one. i hate losing a £5 note. but i do love finding the odd note in a jacket or trouser pocket i haven't worn for ages. imagine the joy at finding a 500euro note!

i don't have any (more) wise words or tales to regale you with on this magnificent occasion. but i will say this:
weekends in poker are either VERY good or VERY bad. there is no middle ground. last week i ran/played bad and wished to shoot myself in the vagina.
this weekend things went first very very good, then very very bad, but i quit before i wanted to do myself any harm.
what could have been, and for a short time was, my best ever day at the poker tables, turned into a very average day.

i realised i still have lots to learn in playing my best and putting in volume.

i also have to quit my 'job' this month so i can do things with my life. like watch every game of the world cup.

i'm narrowing down the things i don't want to do in life in case my acting career falls through. i've firstly decided that even though house is amazing, i don't want to be a doctor. i don't think i'd be very good.
this is on top of knowing i don't want to be an accountant. or a computer programmer. or a recruitmenteer. and definitely not a politician. they are lying turds.

most of my ideas of what jobs are out there come from watching tv shows. the latest show that i am watching is 'the thick of it.' it's written/made by armando iannucci. there was a spin off film from it called 'in the loop'.
i think he is one of my favourite comedians. he is genius. there was a sketch show he did, the first thing of his i saw, and i was hooked.

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Mudwig said...

i can't believe no one liked my tongue twister of a photo, nor the armando sketch.

i will post a comment so they don't feel neglected.

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