Thursday, May 13, 2010

getting my head checked out

so i went to the doctor to have a look at some wierd growth on my head. i couldn't see it, but others told me it was was some weird little thing and those are supposed to get looked at.
i turned up at the docs and casually mentioned that i also thought i was losing hearing in one of my ears. he checked out my ear and said it seemed fine. i told him when i was listening to music and things with headphones i couldn't hear well in one ear.
however, his most pressing concern was that i didn't make this point about hearing when booking my appointment at the gp, along with the abnormal head thing. no concern whatsoever about the rapid coordinated degradation of my body. merely, the protocol i had so seemingly spectacularly abused.
anyway, another happy ending as i realised a few days ago that in fact my headphones were faulty and one ear is quieter than the other. i'm not falling apart just yet.

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Highstack said...

Wearing the Mrs like a hat is fine, but if you cant hear your records then you're in too far. Less lube is the answer.

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