Monday, March 08, 2010

that time of year

when my hair looks like what bob dylan's would look like if he was a tramp.

seeing as i dont have any job interviews approaching cutting it seems futile. however, i am going the ukraine, a land with similar people to nikolais and could do with not looking like a tramp.

so i maybe need to cut it but not sure i can be bothered. so i will leave my fate in your hands/mice.

sometimes i wonder how crazy i am. i think everyone has a touch of ocd, more in hope of me still being relatively normal, than anything else.
my car aerial is currently stuck up (which reminds me of an awesome joke - 3 tampons are walking down the street. which one stops to say hello? none. they're all stuck up cunts). but the car thinks the aerial is down. so when i listen to the radio i can faintly hear this little motor in the back trying to wind up the aerial. and it never ends. so i don't listen to the radio to avoid that noise.

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