Friday, March 05, 2010


is awesome.

loads of websites are devoted to it.
the many ways to use it, how your stuff looks when it's done.
pictures etc

it's pretty tough to get into it, but when you do the results are much better than any other word processor.

oh, i guess i should have spelt it LaTeX so you'd know I was talking about that, rather than a similarly named plastic.

it's starting to feel like summer. i know this because twice this week i've worn sunglasses when driving.

was playing a bit of poker and am beginning to think i lack mental consistency. i'm much better at not getting too depressed when things go well/bad/boring etc with each passing year, however i think i am way behind what normal humans are capable of. i think i can correct it, i just hope it doesn't take a lifetime cos that'll mean i'll never win much.

current aims are just to get breakeven for the year, then breakeven at 2/4 on ptr, and then win 100k. that was quite easy to write down, but i think it'll be harder to perform. i guess tripling volume from may/june onwards will help.
it might also help my mentality in thinking in the long run etc
the worst part is i'm sure i used to be better at that. more and more i seem to try to win back all the money i've ever lost in one hand. which is more retarded than it sounds, and to me it sounds very retarded.

i fell asleep today at 9 after a relatively hard days work trying to get my latex files to work and slept for about 2 hours so now i am not tired. siesta's that late in the day should be banned as now my sleeping pattern is in danger of becoming chaotic. currently though my aim is to fall asleep soon. which is not possible with my increasingly noisy computer fan whirring away.

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