Friday, March 19, 2010

i was gonna write about how my blind play has deteriorated so much that i should be playing blind from those positions in order to lose less.
i was also going to say that i didn't yet get a hair cut but am leaving the unanimous poll up till i do.
i was also going to say maybe i'll do more of those polls so other people can make decisions for me. is that a good decision? maybe i should do a poll for that too.
but since tonight's meal consisted of 3 chilli's, a pickled cucumber, a twix, a kit kat, the thought of some fruit and/or cereal bar and finally half a tub of ben and jerry's ice cream (chocolate fudge obviously) i don't feel sated enough to write a post.
i've also been lazy in putting pics on my computer. one of which includes me trying to eat tuna with a straw because my penknife broke.
gonna eat some real food tomorrow. and along with that comes a real post.

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