Monday, November 16, 2009


i woke up t'other morning and my old, glow in the dark, (and possibly radioactive) analogue watch told me it was the 15th of november.

it looks almost nothing like that, but more like that then about 99% of other watches that exist.

seeing as thats a boring pic, here's a nicer one.

i had no reason to believe that it was lying, so i went about my business believing it was indeed the 15th. it wasn't. it was the 14th.
after setting the time on watches which have the date hidden behind quarter past the hour, i've always wondered how they know whether it's morning or afternoon. especially as it's never been wrong. till saturday morning.
sunday morning rolled around and i figured i should set it straight. by the afternoon it was telling me it was now the 16th. it wasn't. i'm not sure why my watch has gone rogue, but i can't ever believe it again.

i had 3 other things to blog about and i figured to prevent myself forgetting about them i would use a mnemonic. which was mdmm, h, p.
i remembered the mnemonic!
i forget what all those letters stand for.

anyway, it's late and i have to start waking up in the morning before 9 o clock regularly, and eat more food for breakfast. bizarrely (or not?) that always makes me hungrier for the rest of the day.

other point of note is played some poker. kinda struggling to find time to play during the week and was intent on playing 10k hands every weekend but that looks unlikely. managed about 7.5k this weekend. and a decent profit. was thinking of putting graph in end of year goals instead of just figures. not sure if i care enough but it might be more interesting for you?
had to revise my hand goal target, which is really just how many i think i need to play to clear the vpps.
also hit my 10k target already so will probably revise that to about 15k. or 100k. aim for the stars, right?

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Bossanova21 said...

yeah, i get that breakfast thing too. If I eat breakfast, I seem to get hungry again by 11 am, really weird. But if I don't eat it, I can probably go until about 3pm before getting the same hunger levels.

However, if I don't eat breakfast, I don't feel like I have any energy, so I have to eat breakfast on work days, and this leaves me hungry by 11 am...

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