Monday, November 02, 2009


i managed to play about 8k hands on the weekend. sadly i played like a deluded crack whore (is there any other type?) although hopefully my generosity won't go unnoticed by those people who control karma and they'll throw a torrent of (attractive) naked ladies, money bills and chocolate covered pancakes into my face for the foreseeable future.
will update the ever depressing year goals on the right later.

it appears i have to go to the british library this week and whilst i'm in the area i'm gonna pop in to selfridges, even though they are many miles apart, for i hear they have a collection of pick and mix jelly beans. this will definitely be the highlight of the week. the highlight of last week was a photo i took in a friends house which i shall post as soon as i can be bothered to stick my phone in my computer.


Bossanova21 said...

exciting times

is this a photo involving chocolate covered pancakes, ladies and wads of money?

Mudwig said...

i generously gave away all my money on the weekend to degenerate gamblers.

and not a single thank you. ungrateful addicts!

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