Thursday, November 26, 2009


i got a business card today. i briefly glanced at it without paying much attention. a few minutes later i had another look and then realised it was all in japanese. i was pretty sure i could read it early so i thought i'm either hallucinating, or i've learnt japanese without realising.
disappointingly, what actually happened, was that it had english on one side, and japanese on the other.

got this business card at a meeting today which meant i had to cut my hair yesterday. not looking like a tramp is a good thing, but i mentioned it to the hairdresser and he spent the entire haircut trying to sell me on how important haircuts are before big meetings. he didn't need to though, i was already getting my hair cut with them.

i've mentioned a few times previously of my despair with other drivers and their retarded/selfish tendencies, but recently i think i saw one of the worst driving decisions ever. i undertook this person who was driving a pick up truck in the middle lane. obviously no one else was in the slow lane for miles, and he'd also just been overtaken in the fast line. and so, with no other cars behind him, and no slower cars in front of him he responded to my act by moving into the fast lane. that was a conscious decision he made. i would like to buy one of those LED signs where you can write what you want on it and have it in my rear window so that i can give out personal messages of abuse. except i obviously won't do that because like most fantasies, the imagination will be better than the reality.

anyway, finally found a house to live in over new years for after i come back from japan. it's only temporary but its very nice. guy that owns it is going away for a bit and he seems nice enough (though it's always hard to tell!).

oh and yeah, lost today. kk < qq aipf at 2/4 and 44 < aa all in on turn with kq46 board at 3/6. probably because i did a cash out earlier this week :D
though hoping to play lots on this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I hate getting haircuts, it’s not so much the physical act of having my hair cut more the forced conviviality between customer and hairdresser. I loathe it so much I’ve actually bought myself one of those Babyliss cut you own hair things.

Mudwig said...

lol you'd rather have shit looking hair than talk to a haridresser :D
i learnt how to stop hearing other people talk to me when i lived in a house full of nutcases

Anonymous said...

For me shit looking hair is inevitable, but listening to someone describe two weeks in Majorca as a life changing experience isn’t.

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