Sunday, November 09, 2008

i'm back baby

went to kyiv and venezia, so hardly around the world but two places with highly opposing cultures

kiev is a standard eastern european city with the beautiful architecture spoiled by the unfriendly nature of the locals. i dont think i saw a person smile. it's like the london underground.

venice on the other hand is highly peaceful due to the pedestrian nature of the streets. i.e. no automobiles. it's either canal or streets for walking only. whilst it is a very old place with very old buildings they are all churches and therefore not particularly interesting on the inside. kinda like most pretty girls, but thankfully not all of them!

onto the poker front, my aim this month is to play 30k hands, but i will be happy with 25k. this has only begun today on the 8th and as i am only playing when i feel like it, i will be surprised if i reach that goal.

need to play more on weekends obv, averaging about 1500 hands per day. todays offering has been 699. not the best start.

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