Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's been a week since my last post and since i'm off round the world (kinda) in a couple of days it will be my last post for a week.

this will be the first month that i haven't hit platinum status since march. last month i played hard on the final day to get platinum status and blew about $1k to do it, so i'm not playing just cos i have to. been an ok month anyway. stars keeps freezing on my comp, usually when i have the HEM HUD running, so it's a bit awkward playing there atm. barely played any hands but been doing ok. very swingy days but thats just the cards. though on monday or tuesday i tilted off 3 buyins in a few hands when i knew i was getting tired. that annoyed me and i took a couple of days off. first time i've tilted all month.
even after all my bad play, tilt still is my biggest leak, though i find i don't tilt at higher stakes, and notice my mistakes more. maybe i should just bluescouse it up and hope to run good for a week.

also, i'm 11k away from supernova so i'll just get that next month.

today's post will be bad since I have no funnies i can recall of late. i will have to try to find an old one. couldn't find one. i will have to go for philosophy instead.

it snowed here in london in october for the first time since 1934. i happened to be outside playing football at the time. it was picturesque, but as i didn't have my camera i will have to save it in my head. unfortunately, i cannot upload this image to maybe i will be able to one day in the future.

end of post.

as an aside, i find i get angry at myself when i let things that annoy me get me angry. i worry that this is an infinite loop of anger and wonder how i ever manage to break it.

edit: remembered what i actually intended to write about.
this blog about dropout playing poker was interesting
Law school Dropout
i read it from start to finish. motivational/inspirational although there is a lot of overwritten stuff to get through.
sadly 2005 and 2006 got lost. they were the best bits.

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