Sunday, November 30, 2008

the punishment fits the crime

A US judge has decided to make the punishment fit the crime by forcing noisy people to listen to Barry Manilow songs.

Judge Paul Sacco introduced the new form of sentence after becoming fed up dealing with repeat offenders.

Most of them had repeatedly played their car or home stereo too loud or were involved in band practices which disturbed neighbours.

"This is a way, when I look back, of teaching manners to people," the judge, from Fort Lupton Municipal Court in Colorado, said.

People who violate the town's noise laws are required to listen to the judge's choice of music at high volume for one hour.

The selection includes Manilow classics, as well as the theme song from children's television show Barney And Friends and other apparently 'uncool' music.

Court officials take surveys after each session to check whether the offenders enjoyed the music or not.

If anyone is found to actually like one of the tunes, it is removed from the playlist to make sure they are only listening to music they hate.

Judge Sacco said the scheme has been far more successful in cutting down repeat offenders than the previous system of fines.

This reminded me that i had forgotten to take responsibility for my results.

Been playing infinitely better today than of late and ran neutral for ev! woo.

4k hands to play in the next 27.5 hours to get $250 bonus.

then 3k hands to get supernova status

will post sick month graph tomorrow when finished playing

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