Thursday, August 07, 2008

things to learn

not to lose 10 buyins in the first 100 hands and spend 3 hours getting it back

i seem to have been playing breakeven poker for about 4 months now and its annoying. i guess it's only about 80k hands.

i'm gonna go back to carrying a notepad around with me to write down the funny thoughts i have during the day. there are so many but my memory doesn't like me remembering them. maybe it's because i'm just having the same three thoughts over and over and if i remembered them, i wouldn't be able to laugh so much every day.

added a new blog to the left. brucie, named after the bruce lee. quite funny, although obviously doesn't mean he's a good person. not that i mean he's a bad person.

i do find humour is very specific to people. it's usually hard for me to be funny to be new people. i think i spend the first few conversations working out whether or not they have a sense of humour. i don't like wasting good jokes on bad people.

i went to argos the other day to buy a wii. (not really for me). the guy at the counter proceeded to tell me how he had one. i suggested it was supposed to come with a second controller, and he said that it didn't and you had to buy it separately btu for an extra few quid you get a bunch of games. so i agreed. he then told me how he had the same deal.
next he offered me insurance. i said no, it's covered by nintendo if it goes wrong. yeah, he says, but if anything goes wrong we replace it quicker. he then proceeded to tell me how he got insurance for it.
it was at this point i became convinced that if i suggested i planned on going to the moon for a penguin hurling competition he wuld try to sell it to me, telling me he'd been there, done that, how good it was, and how argos would be the best people to get it from.

so i ran home, played wiitennis, got frustrated and dropped a bunch of by ins when i logged into poker.

hit 5kvpp already this month, and roll is at about 10.2k

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