Wednesday, August 20, 2008

deposit limits

went to play betfair for a week to get a hoodie and chip set, and found i'd previously set a deposit limit. this is a problem when it's now 2 buy ins. which i lost.

still, almost halfway there, and should be able to win when i get round to redepositing there.

it's kinda weird to think about the small stakes i played when i started. £5 tournaments back in the day. quite pleased to see progress. progress is hard to measure in oneself on a day to day basis.

going to wales for the day tomorrow. obviously not out of choice. now in one of those moments where i don't want to go to sleep becuase i know that when i wake up stupidly early, i will have to get up and go to wales. the first should never be done in a hurry, the second should never be done.

so i got a letter from mobile company 3 today, where they informed me all calls for less than 1 minute would be billed as a minute. every thing over that will be per second.
doesn't fill me with much confidence. who's to say next week they won't say, "hallo mugs, it's all per minute now"
which reminds me of when i called up to get my phone, and the first person got annoyed with me asking questions about the tariff she hung up on me! i laughed a little, but somehow they've had the last laugh since i ended up getting a contract with them.

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