Friday, August 15, 2008

again so close

anyway, i just solved poker.

2 things that have blighted me in since mid april. 4 months and i finally work it out.

i've said this before, and usually get complacent which is part of the problem.

however, someone just ate all my ice cream before i even got a chance to taste it. it was a new ben and jerry sorbet flavour. you're making me crazy, i think it's called. so i definitely need to buy my self a house and fridge freezer. this shall be my motivation.

anyway, if you'd like to know the answer, send me a message, and $1k. i will only sell to the first person.

if you accept and appreciate the answer, you will become a much better player instantaneously. let's just hope you can cope with the responsibility, eh?

oh, yeah, my funny for today:

running at night makes me feel like a criminal.

1 comment:

Bruce said...

wow i just started reading your blog and you sound like my doppelganger! so similar!

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