Thursday, January 09, 2014

the time has come

30 days. a post a day. mostly in the evenings. sometimes in the mornings. days will end when i go to sleep.

i don't like the sound of my own voice, and find my own stories quite boring. the end never surprises me. i tried explaining this to my girlfriend who says that i don't bore her. so i tried to bore her but she still seems interested by the mundane occurrences in my life and how i tell them. allegedly.

i read a while ago a great story about ricky gervais as a kid where he would write fanciful stories in english lessons and get bad marks. his teacher always told him to write about things that happened to him. so to spite her he eventually wrote the most boring story he could that had happened to him. something about visiting his gran if i recall correctly. when he got his boring story back, it was marked with an A and his best result. hashtag heartwarming.

so for the next thirty days i will attempting to bore the pants off you. especially if you're a pretty lady. (i won't. i have a lady, thank you kindly).

today i drove to work. driving is like poker - most people are dicks. on the way to work i swore 9 times. 6 f****s, 1 c**** and 2 dickheads. on the way back i only swore 6 times! today was a good day.

i haven't been to the gym all week. i like going to the gym as it takes away from work time. tomorrow i think i will try and go first thing in the morning and do somem cycling. my belly is getting very tubbs. i can still see my feet so it's not terrible, but i need to drop a kilo or so of fat i reckon.

anyway, that's enough for today. need to save some topics of conversation if i'm gonna do this every day for 30 days. that said, i think the low-functioning people i work with could provide consistent doses of entertainment.

(1/30 - complete)

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