Thursday, January 30, 2014

i literally have no idea how people blog every day. is there that much to talk about?

that may have felt like the title was going to be all, but i do actually have something to write today! not much though, don't get too excited.

i was in the gym today and they have the tv on with subtitles. the news was on and talking about matthew something famous about his new film coming out where he had ot play a guy who got aids. they talked about his method acting and his many months spent getting into the role. subtitles made it funny because they spoke about how "he had to lose £47" for the role. all i could think was i would accept many millions of points in exchange for £47.
i can't tell if it's automated or they have a fast typist doing subtitles. i think it's people as they correct some mistakes that are made...

in other work related news, i think i've said this before, but it seems to be contagious and more and more people at work keep saying yourself instead of you.
most people i can tolerate but when people try to sound clever but only succeed in making themselves sound moronic, i can't help but want to avoid them at all costs.

now, i need to go to the shops. haven't been for weeks. i have literally no idea what or how i've been eating.


lightning36 said...

I think sometimes things in life happen so quickly that posts almost write themselves. Other times you think "What can I even write about?"

Time and energy seem to be issues for me. But the love to do it better be there.

Mudwig said...

that is very true! sometimes i wonder if the love is fickle...

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