Wednesday, June 13, 2012

turning chat off

some people turn chat off in the poker.
sometimes, even though you know you shouldn't be affected by the words of others, it still affects you. and it's easier just to turn it off and not know than have to hear it and then choose to be unaffected by it.

i think it would be nice to be able to turn chat off for some people in real life too. (eg football commentators)
i used to be better at filtering out other people talking, but i got worried i would start doing it all the time without being able to control it.


Yakshi said...

I used to turn chat off in order to keep myself from trash talking other players.

The result was I ended up talking trash anyway. After a while, I'd get curious to see if the other players were responding.

About half the time, the screen would be full of their replies.

So much fun.

Mudwig said...

lol, you're right it can be fun and i'm sure you do it in a smart way, unlike many of the challenged people who try to respond to you

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