Monday, June 04, 2012

the best national anthems

musically speaking

1. russia
2. italy
3. france

of the worst both musically and wordly would be the uk. one year they'll probably enter it into eurovision. the national anthem is as far as i can tell just a prayer for the monarch to not die.

This weekend marked around 60 years of her sitting on the throne (too easy to make a drink more orange juice joke). i fail to see the logical years of anniversary. it's something like 25, 40, 50, 60, 75. marked by silver, ruby, gold, diamond, platinum. neither the ascending arithmetic series is logical, nor is the series of gemstones/metals associated with it.

I accidentally found myself in the middle of the celebrations. I was confused as to exactly why people were celebrating. But there were many.

This was then followed by a brazillian boats floating down the river. Anyone who hung around past 6pm will have seen many goinging back to where they started since that's where they reside. A somewhat strange exercise if you ask me. But no one did ask me.

Then, to celebrate in style, a single firework was let off. I literally blinked just beforehand and missed it. Though it did make for a nice photo of London's newest skyscraper with clouds of smoke across it.

You may have noticed that the weather was typically British and although by the end there weren't many people lining the walkway, for the many hours preceding that it was packed full of people getting drenched. at least it finally disproves this man's theory.


Yakshi said...

Cool pics. I don't pay attention to national anthems. All I know is that the American one seems pretty lame. I don't know how it stacks up.

Mudwig said...

us anthem. good tune imo. words a bit terrible. banging on about a flag surviving a war! ends well.

took pics with phone since my camera died. would have been some much better pics if i had a zoom lens.

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