Thursday, April 19, 2012


never again do i need to read the labels on toothpastes whilst sitting on the throne (over and over). During lunch, I can always find something to read. Sitting on a train, there's always something to listen to, or to play.

but all this comes at a price. when i wake up in the morning, the alarm is on my phone. and when i turn it off, i think, i'll just do a quick check of the internet. 45 minutes later, i'm still in bed.
so my only hope of no snoozing, means i need to combine it with no phone play till i'm out of bed.
will have to restart my challenge. i think i'll aim to get to the end of the month getting up at alarm time. one day/step/cliché at a time.


Bruce said...

I am reading your post in this very situation.

Mudwig said...

which one? there were so many! which i think is why showering is almost unique where it's impossible to have the phone and i'm not really concentrating on anything so am forced to be alone with my thoughts.

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