Wednesday, April 11, 2012

blogs i miss

yakshi in all his forms, including of course quincy capers. with a shared massive attraction to natalie portman i am worried about her while he is missing from the internet.

highstacks. a truly hilarious man. i once went to coventry but alas never got to meet him as a hot bird wanted a drink with me. i then went to the casino and won lots of money so that made up for it. (for me anyway.)

there's a few others but those two were probabally my favourites of the missing. while i don't have a job maybe i should go find them and instruct them to start writing again.

anyway, enough procrastinating, i need to find the thermal conductivity of some metal combinations and google doesn't seem to have the answer so i may have to measure them.


Peja Stojakovic said...

Hey, thanks for the post. I check yours about four times a week. Sometimes daily.


Mudwig said...

holy moly! i should write more often.

ps i always knew you were a hot eastern european lady masquerading as a mid western american male truck driver.

Peja Stojakovic said...

Haha. Peja Stojakovic is/was a Croatian basketball player who made it in the NBA. Great shooter. Played for my favorite team, the Sacramento Kings.

Anyway, your blog remains fun. Thanks for keeping it going.

Mudwig said...

thanks for reading!

Peja Stojakovic said...

is my new blog. Just random shit. Just started it today.

Mudwig said...

looking forward muchly!

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