Wednesday, January 05, 2011

once again

firstly, an article i've been meaning to post for a while. it elegantly shows journalistic standards. though it does come from the daily mail which is hardly a bastion of intelligence.
why is this article so retarded? in the penultimate paragraph it states
"The player, who cost £5million in August,..."
though you may have noticed the caption for the first photograph says
"Family affair: Konchesky has failed to win over the Kop since his £4m move"
perhaps a simple typo neither the author or sub-editor noticed. or perhaps they make up the transfer figures half the time. or maybe they wanted to cover more bases. whatever the reason, it's pretty slack.

right now, i have more pressing concerns. i once again find myself needing the toilet. alas, my flatmate who didn't want two bathrooms when we were looking for places to reside is in the shower. and even if i knock whilst about to piss myself (not through laughing) he won't hear since the radio is on at full volume. i know this because i can hear magic fm (which, if you've never heard of it, you're lucky as it's terrible) and it wasn't till after i moved in he told me how he likes long showers. really long prune inducing showers. i think people started pissing in bottles or sinks because their housemates didn't leave the bathroom, especially in the mornings. then they got used to it so continued to do it when driving or working at the computer. and as society gets more crowded and the shower to person ration decreases and people get lazier it'll probably become more acceptable.

the other day i went to shower only to discover my shower gel had been thrown away. by him. the irony was that he left his empty bottles in there for months, yet throws mine out before it's finished?!

and today's final gripe is that he has filled up the 250Gb sky+ hard drive with simpsons. he then deleted all the tv (two shows of 8 episodes) i had saved; luckily i'd watched them. thus he could completely fill up the hard drive with simpsons that he has seen before and/or doesn't watch now.

get cape wear cape fly had a song that went "you are not your job, you are not the clothes you wear, you are the words that leave your mouth, so speak up..."
as a doctor i would have expected him to be unselfish, but it appears that you are in no way a reflection of your job. which is strange because one of the first things you usually ask when meeting someone is "what do you do?"
now i feel this is rather a redundant question and perhaps i should start asking people "what are you like?"

i will choose to not be annoyed by any of this. though it is much tougher than i anticipated, as it is how i imagine gonorrhoea to be - a constant source of irritation.


Bossanova21 said...

If you get desperate, then surely pissing in the sink (or garden if there is one) is an option

disgusting, i know

but that'll teach him to take those long showers

John said...

I always used to piss in the sink when I was in rented accomodation at university, even though toilets were readily available. It seemed such an effort to walk the flight of steps and back.

Mudwig said...

it would have to be the kitchen sink which is probably one step too far. out the window into the garden would be a more promising option if they weren't communal gardens.
impressively lazy john. did it ever happen that a number one turned into needing a shit?

John said...

aahah no I don't think so, I can't remember shitting on the floor anyway.

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