Thursday, January 13, 2011

healthy eating

in not a bid to get healthier i have begun eating more oranges. it's simply that i choose them over chocolate at the moment since they are nearer. i think i usually go for chocolate because it never involves washing/peeling not eating parts of it along with all the other hassles of eating fruit.

and i just lost my train of thought after having to take another ladybird out my room. both red with black spots. i remember seeing yellow ones when i was younger and being amazed. i still get amazed when i see new animals. i only found out about the okapi a few years ago and then shortly afterwards i saw one in london zoo!

hmm, another ladybird flying around my lamp like a fly on crack.

just went outside in the rain to wash my car. i thought it was a great idea, saves me taking a bucket, and saves water. sadly, there wasn't enough rain. and i need to t-cut and polish and wax my car which you can't do in the rain, or direct sunlight either. lucky i live in england where it's usually overcast.


Elle said...

(buba mare in Croatian) Or "lady birds" are lucky. they are the ancient feminine and are a sign that one is blessed with great wisdom and good fortune.

Mudwig said...

i'm glad they're lucky since they seem to be materialising out of nowhere.
i can confirm however that i am definitely not wise; though i probably am lucky.
are the yellow ones lucky too?

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