Thursday, December 09, 2010


people lie to themselves all the time about why they do things. such as, it's ok to steal from tesco's because they're such a big company they account for this in their prices/won't notice or any other 'reason' from a myriad of excuses. this is purely to justify the action they are taking which they know is wrong but don't want to admit to themselves.
i try to avoid doing this. i'm mental enough without having to keep track of the lies i tell myself.

there is however, one area of my life which i just justify by saying "it's ok, it's for poker, poker pays for it"
i did this with my computer last year, and just now with a evoluent mouse i bought from amazon. amazing mouse it is. clicking at the right time, or rather not clicking at the wrong time, is taking some getting used to but it's really nice to hold.
sadly, still struggling with my wrist pain. i thought i actually need the mouse to protect my wrists so must be getting it. i don't even know if i was lying to myself or not.
i have however, come to the conclusion that the mouse was only a small part of my problem. the keyboard/desk height/chair height situation is the real problem. typing gets excruciatingly awkward after a sentence, especially in my right hand. i cannot find a comfortable height for anything, even typing on my lap as yakshi, and many less famous people responding via google, have said.
so i may need to look at a new keyboard and i can be sure i at least know why i need it and why i need to pay for it.
two reasons currently affect my thinking in these matters. i have no source of income other than poker and i've basically stopped playing for the last 6 weeks or so. secondly, i hate having possessions. owning things just leads me to worry about all the things i own, having to move them when i move is a pain, and most things are completely unnecessary. computer (with internet!), phone, bed, a few clothes, food, car and library card (in that order) are pretty much all i need to be happy.
i don't understand how my housemate (who is male) can have three pairs of identical shoes. and about 8 smart shoes. i don't get it. 1 pair boots, 1 pair everyday shoes, 1 pair trainers, 1 pair football boots, 1 pair astros and 1 pair smart shoes are all that is ever going to be necessary. other things i don't understand about my housemate include that he leaves empty shower gel containers in the shower for months abd when he runs out uses mine without mentioning it to me (i couldn't not notice because close to half of it disappeared in under a week); then a week after throwing his empties out, he throws mine out. not empty. i don't even know how to bring this up.

speaking of happiness, i was reading a karl pilkington book and it turns out the weird stuff he finds on the internet aren't at all made up. ideas such as the see through toaster were already invented. and sheep following each other off a cliff really happened. i guess that's why they're called sheep but 1500 of them went off the edge. and the best part? 1050 survived as their falls were cushioned by the first 450.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the 450 sheep being cushions for the rest of them!

Bossanova21 said...

that sheep link was hilarious, until the quote from the farmer saying it was going to be hard for them.

Why did they include that quote??

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