Friday, December 24, 2010

head in hands

just finished playing. this month i've played about 5 sessions and been hit by the most ridiculous outdraws. runner runner runner super gutshot straight? no problemo. oh ook, i hit 2 pair on the turn/river. opponent has a set. nice. i have made no money from any big hands. i think i'm still paying ok, not much has been frittered away on tilt but i'm now down 5k for the month and with 5k left online i either have to redeposit or drop down.

mostly need to work on improving. something i haven't been doing since august. oh, and improve on playing better. checked my yearly results and without bonuses it's not down to about 5k. doesn't really seem worth it at the moment.

need a serious rethink of life strategy at the moment.

what a depressing post. i'll cheer myself up with joke:

I hate people that say, "He's a nice person once you get to know him."
They might as well just say, "He's a dickhead, but you'll get used to it."


rubbish said...

Chin up mate and Merry Xmas.

Bossanova21 said...

i always get depressed in the post-christmas landscape that is a return to a normal diet, normal drinking routines, normal work pattern blah blah

Last year I kind of binged my way through it, but that's so 1990s man.

Need a new approach...

Anyway, good luck for 2011

Mudwig said...

cheers fellas. i dont think it's to do with the time of year, my attitude has been terrible for months. hopefully will be improving in the future!

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