Friday, October 15, 2010

what shall i have to eat for breakfast

this is a question i ask myself often. google doesn't seem to have the answer. i'm hoping this here webpage will become a treasure trove of answers (mostly in the comments section, thank you kindly, dear reader)

the word treasure is weird, specifically the sound the s make. i have no idea how to describe it.

i ask about breakfast since i have no started playing in the mornings, i get hungry after a little session. but the only real problem with this schedule is going out at nights is very difficult since 1) i am tired by then and 2) i will also be tired in the morning.
i would like to siesta every day which should solve all my problems but there's something overly addictive about siesta's that scares me. that said, i have seen jack bauer can regularly go 24 hours with food, sleep or excretion. recalling my gcse biology lessons and mrs gren, that mostly implies he's not alive.

i also bought f1 2010 for my ps3. i figure, everyone needs a driving game, and it seemed to be a choice between that, gt and colin macrae. turns out, that you can play this racing game with anyone in the world over the internet, but not someone else in the same room as you since it's a one player game.

ps today's breakfast was a kit kat.

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