Friday, October 22, 2010

netgear WNA1100 disconnections

i have googled this subject many times recently and have been unable to find sound advice in repairing the lack of a solid connection. the connection issue i have means that iplayer doesn't stream continuously and i cannot stay connected to pokerstars. there is nothing scarier than shoving all in and waiting 5-10 seconds just to see if the client reconnected and your shove was registered. and then of course whether you won or not. i'm gonna have to go get a cable before i next play. and send this piece of shit network card back. i should have known there would be problems when just to load the drivers i had to uninstall my antivirus, then install the drivers, then re-install the antivirus.
and netgear's latest piece of advice to get it to work was turn off the firewall. brilliant suggestion. i replied back saying
"thanks, so i should be hooked up to the internet with no firewall? should i turn off my antivirus too?
please reply with a more sensible suggestion"
credit to them, they replied, saying "try another computer with the wlan card"
sadly my other computer has kaspersky so gonna try it out on a friends laptop. if it still doesn't work i'm swapping it for a make that will hopefully work.

sadly i played poker when pissed off with this so lost loads. got into a better frame of mind yesterday and didn't lose lots again. still down lots for the month, hopefully can find some time to play. i fear this will be a running theme till the end of the year.

ps i applied for the pokerstars team online job. after reading this blog i don't see how i can't get it. i will have to work on improving forum participation and a few other things but that will be fun to do imo

pps just made brownies. they're amazing. i might eat them all now.

ppps lol rooney saga, clearly he just wanted more monies. (easy to say now obv). i heard on twitter that the 30 hooligans who had to be dispersed by the police last night from outside his house will return with cake. i wonder what the people who made 'whore' banners displayed at their last game will make for their next banners.


Mr Origami said...

Well if it was just for money then surely the new banners will read....Whore!

Mudwig said...

brilliant. i expect you are correct!

Anonymous said...

Surely Team PokerStars needs someone who is in touch with reality, ie you, instead of these 400,000,000 hands per month grinders who don't even know there is an outside world

GL sir!

soksavda said...

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soksavda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mudwig said...

thanks yorksha (which is the correct pronunciation as far as i have been told by a native)
perhaps if you could be so kind as to remind pokerstars of this, along with the fact that i will keep newly appointed liv company and we can talk about astrophysics.
also, with up to 6 comments per blog post, clearly i am popular.

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