Tuesday, August 17, 2010

when i was younger

i used to be able to function well on 4-6 hours sleep per night, with maybe one good sleep per week. nowadays, that doesn't seem to be enough usually. though i think it's more to do with a heightened sense of laziness more than anything else.
others seem to note that doing exercise helps them in this respect and i finally need to make a real commitment to doing some work out six days a week.
the other problem is i don't like getting up and have had this ingrained into my mind over the past many moons and now i know there's a psychological barrier to getting up on a weekday. on weekends when i dont need to get up i feel ok when i wake, but during the week i just want to lie in till after noon.
perhaps when i get my personal chef/butler/pa/fixer (one person doing all of that obviously - is this what wives are for? that would make sense although do they still do happy endings after being given a diamond?) i would want them to not be bored so would wake up early to ensure they can make me breakfast every morning.


Chris Helms, MBA said...

Man, I hear you. I actually just woke up at 4:50am today to go to the gym. I dreaded it, but once I got there I was glad. I had a ton of energy all day as a result. You should really give it a try. When I was younger I was exactly the same: 4 hours of sleep - no problem. Now I need 7 just to make it anymore. Good luck.

Chris Helms

Mudwig said...

i managed to work out for about half an hour today, in the afternoon obviously.
but i did get up at an acceptable 830 and am still nicely awake now. here's hoping this trend continues

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