Thursday, August 26, 2010

i havne't complained abotu running shit for years

but the last four days have been notably diabolical.
i confirm it's a mix of playing at a skill level i would rate generously at 0.1/10 of capacity and running real bad (set under set deep stack many a time) whilst at the same time being above ev!
i do not know what is going on. all i know is that future cards have no memory of past cards and i too will wipe my brain clean of these few days men in black style.

i am 10k vpps from supernova and want to win $10k by the time i reach it, not inc the $1k milestone.. this is my goal. shortly thereafter i will also get a $4k fpp bonus.

this style of mental focussing helped me last year at this time and i hope it will once again do the same. will add box on blog when i remember to do first update on challenge tonight (early hours of morning)

and my preparations will begin like all good preparations. a siesta.

ps if you retweet your tweets on twitter, will their severs break in an infinite loop of <140 characters?

edit: can't be bothered with a box thing, will just update at end of posts after sessions.
2k hands tonight. $2k profit. 7.3k vpps from supernova


Yakshi said...

The swings you have would flip me out. I only have $4kish on Stars, which I built up from $200. To see that money disappear in one session would flip me out

Anonymous said...

Keep at it mate, the down times help us enjoy the good times better. Well that's what i try convincing myself about anyway

Mudwig said...

this months swings have included one of my best upswings followed by pretty much the worst ever downswing.
and i'm gonna try to play loads more this week too.

and pudding, the bad times definitely help the good times more enjoyable, except i need more good times!

Mudwig said...

*my worst ever downswing. not the worst ever!!

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