Friday, July 16, 2010

reason #71.5 why i need new friends

friends facebook status "when in rome :)"
i write, "yes, please go on"
no one seemed to get the reference
i guess it was mostly their friends who saw it so it could instead be she who needs the new friends.

in other news, a momentous milestone has been reached.

my goal of getting into the +ve at 2/4 on ptr has been achieved!
after being close to -$20k on there (mostly due to four months of diabolical play) i am now in the green.
all that remains to turn green is 2/4 hu. im down quite a few buy in's there, and i want to get that positive also. it would probably also be good to get better at heads up play since i'm pretty bad at it. trouble is finding people that are waiting at tables AND want to play. so many just sit out. and i'm rubbish!

i'm pretty quiet at the tables these days. i think i'd like to chat some more in a humorous way. i'm gonna  try to get chat banned by saying non offensive things which sound much worse when they are first heard. things like:
i've seen turds uglier than you
does anyone even know what you're doing?

and if you have any more, add them to the comments, i'll phase them into my chat too.

i need to play a bunch more this month. moving house next week and will take a week or two to get broadband installed which is gonna be a pain considering i'm only halfway to my monthly target number of hands this month. next month when all is more settled i'm gonna need to double my play i reckon if i'm gonna get near 100k for the year!

in celebration of spain winning the world cup i've been reinstating siestas into my daily routine. i took one today and now i'm wide awake. possibly also due in part to some serious excess of sugar today. which isn't healthy when i'm about to start training for new football season. not sure i wanna play any more. training in the summer is ok, mostly due to the nice weather, but playing on waterlogged pitches with ref's who can't see and opposition players who are mostly polished turds isn't as appealing as it once was.

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