Thursday, July 01, 2010

a new month

and half way through the year which is a good time to look at my goals imo

firstly, monthly graph.
i think i still have tilt issues

halfway through the year and profits are at a measly $10k or so. i think my aim was to be £25k now with the rest to come later in the year. i revised it to $ instead of £ a little while ago. i think it's still feasible. my aim was $75k in the second half of the year so now it's 90. not so far removed. i think i would also like back to back 10k months to show myself i can be consistent. upping volume in last three months should help.
speaking of which i finally upped my volume and have hit pace for supernova by end of sept to avoid losing status. 15k hands a month from now on in should suffice.

feeling pretty tired all the time now. a friend mentioned it might be the heat. if anything, it's the heat from my computer. i really should open it and remove the dust that's no doubt clogging up the fan. it pumps out an enormous amount of heat. one day i'd like to switch to a noiseless water cooling system. that would be nice.

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