Friday, February 19, 2010

waking up early

i don't know how people do this. i asked a few but they weren't able to succinctly describe it well enough for me to be able to copy their thought processes.
it's most depressing in winter when it's dark when you wake up, but i no longer have that excuse for staying in bed wasting away my life. really, i should just set my alarm half an hour later and just get up immediately.

also it's come to my attention that australians have difficulty saying the word email. instead they say what sounds like a-mao.

went to tesco today to put petrol in and had loads of free money vouchers that they sent me for previously using them for petrol. this is equivalent to supermarket rakeback. lots of companies do this, like airlines, mobile phone companies and i thought how funny/stupid it would be if they only offered it to new customers. but that's exactly what loads of poker sites do. it's also what barclays bank do with their ISAs, where only new customers can get the amazing 4% interest rate, but existing customers only get about 0.000005%. not that i'm bitter. (i can just move it somewhere else obviously!)

and i just found out the most awesome thing about skype. you can edit your previous message! this has hilarious consequences because after they say anything, you can change your previous message to make them feel awkward. and initially people won't realise that you've done it.
hours of fun!

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FutureInsights said...

Here in the Good Ole USA (pun intended), they don't hand out the rebates. I was waking up at ungodly hours, then switched it around so there is daylight (feeding the cats late at night helped ;-) )

Nope, the economy is still hurting here. Went to Walgreens to pick up some meds, and NOTHING is selling off the shelves. The corps. are so tight, they want to keep whatever money they have, forget stimulating spending (and, the market is WAY oversold here).

I hear the economy is doing great down under. However, changing citizenship is not in my immediate future lol.

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