Wednesday, February 10, 2010


so a website i forgot about for passing about 2 minutes of time is
this is im for strangers. most people are boring, but occasionally, i make my self laugh

Stranger: hi where are u from
You: hi where are YOU from?
Stranger: FinLaNd
You: you are finnish
Stranger: WTF
Stranger: are u retard?
You: semi-retard

Stranger: well at least u dun have to meet someone who is a pain in the ass
Stranger: right?
You: i hope you dont mean that too literally
You: if so, i would worry a bit about you
Stranger: used to
You: is it less painful now?


Mr Origami said...

Yeah I like this site too lol

Bossanova21 said...


if you want a sick version of omegle, check out chat roulette

it's omegle, with web-cams, and basically a lot of masturbating perverts :S

Jessica said...

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Mudwig said...

i assume you're talking about mine origami, thanks
cheers boss, gonna have a look. i think...
hi jessica. are you real? didn't think so.

Mr Origami said...

lol I meant Omegle, its fun...this is good too though mate ;-)

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