Friday, February 27, 2009


the radio is generally piss poor. when i was in california they have a station called kroq which plays some of the good kind of music. i sometimes listen to this when playing poker. however, the point of this post is because i listened to a song i liked on the radio this morning. i did not find out the name, nor can i now remember any lyrics or tune.

i went onto radio one and xfm playlists to see if i could find the song as i thought it was one on of those stations. however, having spent about 90mins listening to songs on youtube i still couldnt find it. beginning to think i imagined it.

havent played any poker in last few days after hitting 10k points for the month. 2 more months of this and i;ll hit my $4k bonus. woo.

think i just about won this month. and now level for the year. which is pretty depressing.

tilt count is 6 for the year, and about -$10k so i think i found my biggest leak.

hopefully next month tilt count will be less than 3 and less than 3 buy ins.

ps if anyone knows how to test whether cats are partially sighted or partially deaf, please advise.


Bruce said...

Woo goo cali.

Mudwig said...

another reason to move there imo

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