Sunday, February 15, 2009


on worst ever run at the moment.
5 brief sessions of colourful clarity were to be had at the start of the month, but essentially this year has been diabolical

only about 5 buyins down since the start of the year and i just been playing bad, getting in so few good spots and making so so so many mistakes

might even drop down to 1/2 to remember how to crush fish. worst thing is i need to play to
a) clear 2 bonuses worth $250 and $4k
b) win money and go on holiday so i don't have to play
c) win money so i can buy a house
d) win money so i can invest/live off interest and retire from all forms of work
e) that's enough reasons don't you think


Bruce said...

It occurs to me that all your problems could be solved by obtaining more money.

Mudwig said...

yeh, i look forward to being rich and having problems like where to relax for the coming day.

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