Tuesday, December 16, 2008

computer troubles

my computer cannot cope with doing one thing at once.

skype call, CPU =100%
online radio, CPU = 100%
HUD when playing poker = computer freezes

having opened up my computer i can confirm that it is in fact quite rubbish, and i can't update anything like graphics card.

i now need to buy my own parts, inc new motherboard, hoping it fits into the current shell, as i want to keep the hard disk, and probably some of the ram. also the fan is good cos it's quiet.

sadly i don't know how to do this and shall be guessing as i go.

in my last challenge i wanted to increase weight by something like 10kg in 6 weeks. predictably i weigh 10kg more. until i put down both my cats, at which point i return back to my standard weight.

1 comment:

Bruce said...

dude you play poker. just go buy a comp.

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