Sunday, December 14, 2008


when i watch it alone, i don't laugh so much as when i watch it with others. when in public (ie watching it live) there is an amount of nervous laughter. but also when watching it with others not live, i find i laugh more than usual. i think this is because you have to prove to others that you get the jokes even when it's not funny.

as wimmen in life have been getting under my brain recently, inspiring my previous post, i do not want to think aboot them any more. so back to poker. where i sometimes play better when more depressed as it is almost impossible to tilt. less than 1k fpps till i'm supernova. but i still don't think it's as good as rakeback. though playing with the americans makes table selection easier.

this year i have fallen well below the expectations i set myself. about $16k short. oops. mostly cos i tilt rather than play bad. although tilt makes me play bad obv. so the last few sentences are somewhat redundant nonsense.
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