Wednesday, October 17, 2007


lost a hundred today so down to $1535
gained a thousand points. 3k points to go.

was $200 up today after 200 hands then finished session 1 $100 down.
second 500 hands was about 200 down after 200 hands but finished level.
one terribly played hand by me where i 3 bet and then called the shove with a double belly buster on an AQ10 board. think i should have folded to the shove. it was a lag player from a button raise but that's no excuse. was playing 130bbs and the time and the shove was for about 80-90.

3000 points to go........

on a side note, for those of you that use facebook, i finally worked out the points of groups.
95% are for whining about something or other
4% are intended for humour
1% are funny.

(oh and bye bye mclaren - steve, not the F1 team)

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