Sunday, October 21, 2007

900 points to go

till i can order the iPod 'what a touch' touch

plus good 2 hour session. up then down then up then level then up. bit swingy and lost one massive 5050 early when i've got one over and the flush draw (thought i would have two overs) with my ajcc vs qq on a low board with 2 clubs. that was a $300 pot. obviously he folds for a token round before running away.

made one hero call with j10 on a jack high board after being reraised pre. guy bets flop (all diamons J72) checks the 2 turn, bets the 3 river. i call and he shows kqss

made one immense fold. lp raises to $4, button makes it 12 and since everyone is over $120 i call from the sb with 88 as does initial raiser. flop comes A83. i check and it's checked round. turn is a k and again it's checked round. i did want to check raise the flop but maybe should have lead.
river is a J so Q10 is the nuts. good luck to anyone with that!

i value bet/blocker bet the river with a $20 bet and cutoff folds, button shoves all in for another 71 dollar. i think and think for about 2mins before folding. can't see him having anything other than kk. 2 diamons on flop means aaa of ak leads flop or at least the turn, not sure why kkk doesn't bet turn though.
i figure he has me beat 75% of time here at least and calling $70 into a $150 dollar pot isn't worth it.

roll $2130
900 points to go

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