Friday, February 23, 2007

no longer tilting

one month of tilt is finally over and i've won almost $1k in the last 3 days. which is a lot at $1/2.

3 tabling was the best thing i've done for about 2 months, since i concentrate more. only started it to try to get into a promotion where i needed more mpp's on crypto. top 500 get into the next week's mpp thingymjig and they also said 5 wii's were up for grabs. hammered away for 2 days (well, played about 3 hours) and managed to make it into the top 500 by about 1 point.

then i find out it's the top 5 that get the wii's. so i figure if i play 12-14 hours a day for 7 days ill be in the top 5 next week and win some sunglasses. yeh, that's worth it. it would have been nice if they done something like top 3 get prize, and 2 randomly selected from the rest.

the other thing i was thinking about was definition of 'tight'

when i think i'm playing tight, it means folding to raises from later position with almost connectors (like 6-8) and open raising from ep with Kxs. i think others probably think this is loose, but for the last month i've been playing awful and loose, and calling with pretty much anything in any position. a losing strategy for me anyway. 3 tabling just helps me tighten up and i'm reaping the rewards. i did manage to outdraw 3 people wonderfully in the last three days.
once with the chips already in the pot!

so, in conclusion, tight is right.

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